Udstilling den 19, september flyttes

Som man sikkert har bemærket afholder DKK september udstillingen i Ballerup over 3 dage.ognbsp;

For at få puslespillet til at gå op, har DKK lagt udstillingen for Gruppe 6 lørdag formiddag den 19. september. Samme dag som Beagleklubben har udstilling med dommer Hanne Laine.

Vi har derfor flyttet udstillingen til søndag den 20. september, og heldigvis har dommer Hanne Laine har sagt ja til fortsat at være vores dommer.

Hanne Laine glæder sig til at komme igang igen.

Raport from judge Ann Philips - 12.10.2019

Danish Beagle Club12.10.2019


Iwas delighted to be asked to judge your Very Special Show, the entry was verypleasing and I thank all participants for the sporting manner in which they receivedmy winners. My thanks to the hard working chairman and committee of your club,also to my excellent ring steward/secretary.

Thequality of the beagles shown on the day was generally high. Inevitably therewere some carrying too much weight which spoilt their overall picture andcontributed to overloaded shoulders with the associated wide front movement,which I penalised.

All hounds were presented in clean condition, there were no bad mouths and allfell within the desired height limits for the breed. I felt the main area ofconcern was movement, both front and rear action. Sadly this is not just aproblem with some of your hounds, but is a general malaise within the breed.

The beagle is a working hound and, as such, needs good strong parallel movementto enable it to go all day. This is achieved by correct construction with awell laid-back shoulder and a strong backend to drive the hound forward. This Ifound in my top winners, I thought the bitches far stronger in quality then thedog hounds some of which lacked balance. Here are my critiques on the mainwinners in rather more detail than was possible on the day.

BestBitch ogamp; Best In Show, Jeppesen''s DK/Int Ch OB-La-Di’s Light of Xaphaniat,this 3 year oldognbsp; tricolour ognbsp;took my eye the minute she entered the ring, shehas the sweetest head ogamp; expression, dark eyes, well set leathers, her neckflows into well laid-back shoulders, she has a good depth of chest and standson well boned legs with tight, neat feet, she has excellent quarters with goodturn of stifle, her movement was a joy to watch from every angle, she has agood length of stride, an effortless gait driven by her strong quarters, shealso has sound parallel movement in front, could not be denied her win on theday.

BDogamp; RBIS Jacobsen''s DK Ch Gold Line''s Mustang Driver, a very smart blankettricolour of 5 years, not showing any sign of ageing or lack of enthusiasm, hehas a strong masculine head with a kind eye and expression, not overdone in anyway, he is well boned with good feet, he is well bodied carrying the rightamount of weight for his size, he movement is sound ogamp; measured with goodlength of stride, an excellent example of the breed, when it came to BIS I justpreferred the joie de vive of the bitch.

BestBaby, Best Puppy ogamp; Best Puppy in Show, Seitzberg''s My Treasure SecretService, I fell completely for this 5 month tricolour baby ogamp; wouldcheerfully have slipped him into my flight bag! He has such an appealing headogamp; expression, good length of neck, well laid shoulders, a level topline,strong bone, neat feet and ognbsp;wellangulated quarters, he went round the ring with a good length of stride, soundboth fore ogamp; aft, so very self-assured for one so young, I congratulate hisowner on his presentation ogamp; obvious rapport with this charming ognbsp;puppy.

BestVeteran in Show, Hvidberg ogamp; Bertelsen''s DK/Int Ch Sopwith Camel''s OhDarlin, lovely old lady of 11 years, her colour is slightly fading which seemsto add to her appealing, feminine expression, good dark eye, still has herfigure, has a level topline which she holds on the move, her movement is stillsound and active with no indication of her age, a delight to judge.

CACDog, Lindstrom''sAm Ch Milroc Swing For The Fence, cobbytricolour from a smaller mould, very similar in outlook to the Best Dog withmasculine head, correct expression, good bone, another strong mover, sound allround, showing well.

CAC Bitch, Søndergaard ogamp; Kristiansen''sSopwith Camel''s Creme de laCrème, very feminine pale tan/white young lady of excellent breed type, prettyhead with melting expression, lovely dark eye, long neck, good shoulder placement,good bone, level topline ogamp; correct tailset, moved soundly with good lengthof stride, delighted to hear later ognbsp;thatthis award gives her her title.

Ann M. Phillips